"I attended a dance workshop y'all had at New Women's Space months ago... it was absolutely amazing."

"There is great power in creating a sustainable and warm place to heal. The collective is an amazing forum to practice and do that important work...Personally I am grateful for the initiative." 

"I just have to tell you how much I enjoy your collective. I lost my father a year ago, and said Kaddish everyday for the year. I connect with the articles and just remind myself that no matter how old I am and my father was, and it's been a year, that my heart can't tell time or age, and I am still living through this process of grief. Thank you..."

"I joined the class today in an effort to live more presently rather than in the past or future. Thank you!"

"I am blown away by the uniqueness of this project and how desperately it is needed. It's so unusual to find a space to grieve for young adults."

"The most meaningful part of the workshop was getting to meet new people and share experiences. I would love to participate in more events. I really appreciate and admire what you and Meirav have created with CHC."

"I was able to become more self aware of myself."

"Keep up the amazing work, and continue working together to inspire and encourage individuals who are more alike to you than they are different."

"The most meaningful part of this workshop was focusing on nothing but my world; feeling like the brush was me."