We are Ariela and Meirav, two ladies who met at just the right time. Having both lost our mothers in late 2014, we met through reciting Kaddish, the Jewish mourning ritual recited during the daily prayer services. Every morning we would see each other at shul and say kaddish but that was just the beginning. Before we knew it, we were having coffee dates, sharing shabbat meals together and basically hanging out 24/7.

As individuals who have wrestled deeply with grief, it’s been difficult to find a space to sit with the many emotions. So many people, experience grief and are expected to bury it in their everyday lives because our culture doesn’t provide a space to share these emotions. Coming to terms with this reality is heartbreaking. It doesn't matter if someone just passed away, or passed away more than 15 years ago -- loss is always loss and that void is always present.

The Creative Healing Collective was born out of a need to acknowledge our grief in a society that suppresses it. We realized that it was impossible to avoid our grief because it seeped into every aspect of our lives. It was only through a community of other grievers, where we felt safe and supported to feel our grief, and only through creative expression that we could process our grief.

The collective is meant to not only heal through creative expression, but a space to be with others, from all backgrounds, who have been through a similar experience and find support through the many ups, downs and all-arounds of loss.


A R I E L A  Y O M T O V I A N 

Ariela Sharon Canter

Ariela is passionate about connection: to people, to her body, to the world, to the divine, to nature to everything! She is a fellow with PresenTense and enjoys spending her time surrounded by inspiring social entreprenours diving into the process of turning ideas into realities.  When she’s not learning at Mechon Hadar or working on CHC, she teaches yoga and creates opportunities for people to explore the connection between Jewish ritual, creativity and healing. She dabbles in photography and at night she dances.



Meirav Ong

Meirav is an artist and seeker of goodness. Her art is a never-ending exploration of human connection through visual language of form and mark-making. She is currently developing a project entitled Women who Kaddish aiming to breathe light on women’s experiences saying kaddish. And she’s addicted to everything glitter. www.meiravong.com | www.meiravongjudaica.com