"When we grieve-we are often at a loss of words. Our mourning selves are numb, overwhelmed, and disconnected. Yet, our bodies want to speak to us, our senses want to feel again, our minds want to be soothed. In grieving, we loose ourselves to intense emotions, losing interest in our regular world, and forfeiting what used to make us happy. The creative therapies allow us to speak though our minds and our bodies gently, to express our pain, anger, hurt, and memories within a personal process. In being creative, we reconnect to ourselves, to the present, rediscover novelty in our lives, and ultimately feel again. It may be one of the most powerful tools we have. " 

Dana Jebreel, Psy.D.


"When we tap into our creativity and the arts we have a chance to shift from our thinking brain and connect with a more primal part of our being. Healing happens in connection, in creativity, and in collaboration." 

Henny Stern, LCSW ; Trauma Therapist ; Founder of AccepDance Workshops


"After a tragic loss, it's can be very difficult to process our feelings. Perhaps we don't have someone in whom we feel safe enough to confide, or we feel anxious or depressed, or we just can't find the right words to capture how we feel. When talking doesn't help, there are other tools available to help us process grief-- and that's where the Creative Healing Collective comes in. By engaging in music, art, theater, and dance, we tap into our "right brain" experience, which is where our emotions resides. Through the creative arts, we can find a powerful channel for expressing and releasing our painful feelings-- which helps us move through grief and emerge stronger and more resilient on the other side."

Rena Staub Fisher, LCSW